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BPC, Inc.


Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

About Us

BPC is an award-winning TPA offering flexible plan design and a team of certified professionals to assist with the implementation and administration of employee benefits.  Since 1979, BPC has specialized in employee benefit administration for small to mid-sized organizations (1 to 20,000 employees) and is one of the largest TPAs in the Midwest.  BPC's mission to provide superior customer support and plan administration has earned the company a stellar client retention rate.  In 2010, BPC was named AAIM Employer's Association Employer of the Year.

The organization is locally owned by Scott Reichard, Chairman, and Habeeb Habeeb, President and CEO of BPC and member of the national Employers Council on Flexible Compensation Board of Directors. BPC was named the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year in 2006 and CEO Habeeb Habeeb was named the first Champaign County Chamber of Commerce Champion in 2012.
BPC is comprised of certified professionals with high levels of experience and understanding, applied in specific areas:

Money Purchase
Online Enrollment
Profit Sharing
Transportation Plans
Dependent Audits
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection®

Choosing an employee benefit plan and HR services that can best meet your company's needs is one of the most important decisions you can make for your company and employees. So, whether you are setting up a new plan or program, or changing an existing plan, let BPC help you build a secure future.